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“The Vandals were a people from central Europe, one of the Indo-European peoples of Germanic family, who inhabited the regions bordering the Baltic Sea (in the area of today’s Germany and Poland). At the beginning of the 5th century, they crossed Gaul and the Iberian Peninsula, settled briefly in the valley of the Guadalquivir, passed the Straits of Gibraltar and, commanded by Genserico, created the Vandal kingdom in North Africa, centred on present-day Tunisia, and which was finally destroyed by the Eastern Romans in 534″. Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia, 2020.

Vandalic was the language of the Vandals. That’s where the name “Vandàlic Van” comes from. Inspired by a nomadic people who travelled through Europe from north to south, carrying their house on their shoulders, adapting and establishing themselves in different places of the European geography.

It is with this idea that this project was born, consisting of three models of camper vans of different sizes and features, with custom-made finishes, designed separately and with all the details taken care of to the maximum. At Vandàlic Van we want you to make them your home for a few days, to enjoy them, to make them run and visit each and every one of the places you are interested in.

All our Vans have the necessary and essential items included in the price to enjoy a few days of disconnection, with no limit on kilometres or small print. We want you to travel with complete peace of mind, enjoying the experience and connecting with the environment. You will always have a telephone number to solve any doubts or problems that may arise during the trip.

Vandàlic Van wants to be a committed project, both on a social and environmental level, understanding that the activity we carry out is not exempt from the problems inherent in the use of combustion vehicles and, furthermore, we firmly believe in the need for all companies to have a social aspect, involved with the associative network and creating networks of collaboration and help. That is why we actively cooperate with entities such as Fundació Arrels and OSMON.

All our vans have been equipped, whenever possible, with local products and proximity, dispensing with large surfaces and / or multi-brand companies.

Do not hesitate to write to us for any doubt, suggestion or complaint you may have at!

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