Give a Vandal experience to the person or persons you want with the packs we offer and make sure the surprise is a success!

Vandalic weekend getaway

Designed to air out a weekend and disconnect from the routine.


  • Any of our vans (to choose)
  • Two nights out in Camper
  • Basic Insurance


Kolkhoz = 236€

Búnquer = 236€
Xamba = 236€
Timba= 250€

Vandalic Weekend “Capgròs” Escapade

Designed for getaways where getting away from it all is the goal.


  • Any of our vans (to choose)
  • Three nights out in Camper
  • You can choose: Advanced Delivery (10h to 16h) or Late Return (18h to 22h)
  • Basic Insurance


Kolkhoz = 354€

Búnquer = 354€
Xamba = 354€
Timba = 374€

Escape Vandàlica Septimania

Designed for week-long getaways where you can forget the routine for good.


  • Any of our vans (to choose)
  • Six nights out in Camper
  • Advanced Delivery (10h to 16h) + Late Return (18h to 22h)
  • Basic Insurance


Kolkhoz = 708€

Búnquer = 708€
Xamba = 708€
Timba= 750€

Romantic Vandalic Getaway

Designed for all those people who want to celebrate, simply, who love each other. Add a bottle of cava or a bottle of wine + a box of handmade chocolates in any of our packs to give it a special touch, for only 25€ more!

Escapade Vandalica by weight

Designed to charge the amount you want on a gift voucher.

  • Tell us the amount you want to give
  • Make a transfer for the chosen amount
  • You will receive a discount voucher equivalent to the amount chosen, with a code for the lucky person to enter at the time of booking.



  1. Send us an email to detailing the name of the pack you want to give away. (If you have any questions about this, before you buy the gift pack, you can also write to this email).
  2. Once we have received it, we will send you an email with a small questionnaire where you can detail the name of the lucky person(s) to personalize the gift voucher, as well as extend the experience, if you wish, by adding some of the extras we offer for each of our Vans (See section “FAQ’s”).
  3. Once we have all the information, we will send you the account number where to make the deposit, as well as the total amount to be paid.
  4. Finally, once we receive the payment receipt, we will issue the gift voucher in PDF format so you can print it.




  • All prices include VAT. Gift packs can be exchanged in low and mid season (See “Rates” section), except for the “Escapade Vandalica by weightt” pack, which can be applied at any time of the year. The collection and return of the van can be made at our free point or, if you want, you can hire home delivery (BCN city) or airport by paying the corresponding additional cost. (See section “FAQ ‘s”)

  • All vouchers expire after 1 year from the date of issue.

  • All vans come with the Vandàlic Van standard equipment (see “FAQ’s”).

  • The lucky ones must comply with the conditions set out in our “Terms and Conditions”.