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We are living a few days of great complexity in the health, social and human fields. The situation caused by the COVID-19 virus pandemic has forced us to rethink the way we live, relate to each other and, on the rebound, rethink how we relate to our environment and surroundings. Things that, only a few months ago, we had completely assumed and automated. From here we want to send a very sincere thank you to the thousands of sanitary ware, cleaners and workers of all the minimum services established during this long stage of confinement. And also the most sincere remembrance for all the people who have been taken by this virus, who have been added to the incompetence of a State that has not been up to the task at hand, as well as for all the relatives, friends and acquaintances of the thousands of deaths that have occurred in recent weeks and, in particular, our grandparents.

We at Vandàlic Van are very much aware of how the pandemic is evolving and of all the measures that the health authorities are recommending at any given time. We are making our debut in a very difficult context, but that doesn’t mean we won’t offer a service with all the guarantees. That is why, for all our vans, and after each rental, we will apply the following hygiene measures:

  • Cleaning the floor and furniture with disinfectants
  • Cleaning of all utensils and dishes
  • Cleaning and disinfection of the cabin and instruments
  • Cleaning and disinfection of mattresses and sofas
  • Professional disinfection by ozone treatment

In addition, we offer free cancellation for Covid-19 reasons (movement restrictions, Covid-19 illness, etc.).

With this we want to offer our customers a total guarantee that traveling with our vans will be completely safe. We want to encourage you to try them and enjoy a different kind of holiday, not only because of the situation we are living in but also because, unfortunately, it will be a summer that we will never forget.

A lot of strength!

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